Forward Food Culinary Workshop Goes Virtual

Forward Food Culinary Workshop Goes Virtual
December 7, 2021 admin

The HSI UK Forward Food team can’t wait to attend the upcoming Plant Based World Conference and trade show at the Design Centre in London on the 15 and 16th of October 2021.

It’s the largest gathering of plant based suppliers to showcase some amazing products and innovation. There is an impressive programme of events we are very excited to be included on a topic very close to our hearts.

Following the challenges and restrictions of the last year we wanted to evolve what we offer to enable us to support more organisations to shift their menus to include more delicious plant based options.

We have created a virtual culinary workshop which is broken down into 4 videos covering the essential toolkits for creating plant based meals that excite the taste buds for everyone not just vegans and vegetarians. The 4 toolkits include how to create; umami depth of flavour, exciting texture and how to utilise a wide range of pulses and grains to form tasty and satisfying meals.

This is then paired with a virtual cookalong session to allow the chefs to apply what they have learnt whilst being able to chat with and bounce ideas around with Forward Food chef and author Jenny Chandler. We have also been pairing the virtual workshops with in person cooking sessions to create a blended approach to the culinary workshops now that restrictions have eased in the UK.

The feedback for the virtual culinary workshops has been excellent and we are pleased to be able to support organisations to make changes even if we can’t be there in person and this virtual shift also enables us to expand our reach supporting more teams to put more plants on plates.

If you would like to know more about our culinary workshops of greenhouse gas assessments them please get in touch at