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Do you need some fresh ideas on how to make plants the shining stars of your plates?


Forward Food is a campaign to encourage and enable the catering industry to shift the focus of menus away from meals centred primarily on animal products and put more plant-based food on plates.




As reducing the amount of meat and other animal products on menus is critical if we are to make the global food system more sustainable, putting more plants on plates can also improve human health and prevent animals from suffering.




Working together with caterers and institutions serving millions of meals each day enables us to have a huge impact on the availability of plant-based options across the UK, helping people make healthy and compassionate culinary choices. Our focus is on inspiring chefs to create delicious and nutritious plant-based cuisine, not just for veggies but for everyone.




The movement is growing


Now, we are witnessing a growing trend towards a more comprehensive shift in favor of healthy, plant-based foods. Many food service operators are setting an objective to reduce overall meat usage by 20 percent within two years. That translates into major health and environmental benefits, including major water savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less water pollution.

Forward Food is a programme by Humane Society International UK. Our resources page contains additional ideas, toolkits, recipes, and marketing materials. Or send us an email and we’ll have an expert get back to you quickly and set up a time to chat.

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