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There are many creative and simple ways food service professionals are reducing meat purchases. Some are doing meat-free days like Meatless Monday—in which they may make all meals plant based, or emphasizes on meatless meals that day, with a higher percentage of plant-based starters. Others are adding additional plant-based meals to their menus on a daily basis. Some are mixing plant-based proteins or mushrooms with their meat, reducing overall meat usage.

Environmental impact measurement

We have teamed up with a scientific expert who can assess how your decision to add more plant-based foods may positively impact the planet. Changes in food related greenhouse gas emissions will be quantified and reported in a format that you can use in communications with your customers/students, and also as part of any wider greenhouse gas reduction strategy you may have.


Forward Food Services

We offer free plant-based culinary training and support



  • A one- or two-day workshop in partnership with renowned chef and author Jenny Chandler
  • A portfolio of plant-based recipes, which can be tailored to specific dining establishment needs
  • Advice on menu presentation, dining hall display with on- and offline marketing materials
  • Information on sourcing plant-based products
  • Sustainability analysis and reporting
  • Support to integrate reduction in the use of animal products into sustainability plans and targets
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the impact of menu changes on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Presentation on sustainable and healthy food systems by our UK Forward Food team

Feedback for Forward Food

‘The day was excellent—all of the guys took a huge amount from it.’
Rik Razza, Head of Chef Development, BaxterStorey

‘The two days went well! All the chefs who attended really enjoyed the experience and gained some good insights from the course.’
Nick Vadis, Culinary Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland

‘The senior sous chef said that the course was very good and that he had learnt a lot from it.’
Lee Corke, Catering Manager, Clare College, University of Cambridge

‘The course was a great platform to learn about more plant based protein’
Phil Thomas, Executive Chef, Compass Group, Bank of Ireland

Forward Food is an invaluable lesson in reigniting tastes and textures long forgotten. The course chef is a book of knowledge and really brings the passion and fun into this amazing course quite frankly it’s a must!!
Tracy de Buriatte, Events Chef University of Portsmouth

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