Supporting London Universities to deliver healthy sustainable food

Supporting London Universities to deliver healthy sustainable food
September 30, 2022 admin

This month the Forward Food team headed to Leicester to take part in Baxter Storey’s Food Festival.

The Masterclass was held at The London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of West London, who collaborated with us to deliver this event along with The session was delivered in collaboration with London Higher and The Ellen Macarthur Foundation .

The Forward Food Plant-based Culinary Masterclass was designed for chefs and catering managers to gain skills and confidence in delivering a variety and high quality of plant-based meals, with a particular focus on UK university catering.  We had 15 chefs attending from across 6 London universities.

The session covered the fundamentals of creating interesting, complex plant-based dishes, tailored to different audiences from student-friendly dishes to fine dining events. It included how to successfully market plant-based options to increase uptake of plant-based dishes. The class included cooking sessions mentored by chef and food writer Jenny Chandler, resulting in the chefs creating dishes such as a grilled celeriac with a fava bean bechamel, a mushroom and herb stuff flatbread with a walnut and herb pesto, and a chickpea, walnut and mushroom burger.  

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