Top 7 Vegetarian BBQ Foods

Top 7 Vegetarian BBQ Foods
May 25, 2018 admin

Summer has officially arrived, and people up and down the country are dusting off their BBQs. This can often lead to a collective groan from Britain’s veggie population (now 8% of Brits!) as BBQs can be a notoriously un-friendly for those following a meat-free diet. But thanks to the big boom in shops jumping to supply the ever-increasing vegetarian and vegan markets, veggies need fear no more, mountains of meat-free options can be found in supermarkets and corner shops alike, many of which you can bring to a BBQ! To help guide you through the plethora of veggie food options hitting the market following World Vegetarian Week (14th – 18th May) we have scoured the shelves to compile this list of our top 7 veggie options to cook on your BBQ this summer:

1. Tofurky Italian Sausages, £3.99 – Tofurky have perfected the texture of these terrific sausages, which are also super tasty with fragrant flavours of basil and sweet sun-dried tomatoes. They can be BBQed within minutes and go great in a bun, we recommend serving topped with Laurie’s smoky kimchi

2. Iceland’s No Bull Burgers, £2 – if you want something that tastes totally meaty then look no further than Iceland’s exclusive no bull burgers! At £2 for two-quarter pounders this wallet-friendly option will leave veggies and meat-eaters alike calling for more

3. Fry’s battered Prawn-style Pieces, £3.85 – There is nothing fishy about Fry’s fabulous prawn-style pieces! Enjoy them on their own or use them to re-vamp your vegetable skewers

4. Linda McCartney’s Pulled Pork Vegan Burgers, £2 – Linda McCartney products have been a long-time staple for veggies, the brands newer products like these smoky pulled pork style burgers are so tasty missing meat will be the last thing on your mind

5. Tesco’s Courgetti and Sweetcorn Fritters, £1.50 – if faux meat is not your thing don’t fear – Tesco’s healthy, veggie filled fritters are here to help. Selling at £1.50 for four these fantastic fritters make a delicious dinner, melt some violife cheese slices on top for the ultimate veggie burger experience

6. Quorn’s Hot and Spicy Burgers, £2.50 – these brilliant burgers are from Quorn’s vegan range and are sure spice up to your veggie options! We love these served in a bun and topped with lashings of Veganaise.

7. Aldi Mae’s kitchen Vegetable Quarter Pounders, £1.25 – Try Aldi’s take on a meat-free burger with this tasty blend of mouth-watering seasoned vegetables wrapped in a breadcrumb coating. At £1.25 for four how can you go wrong?